We offer individual solutions for doctors and nursing staff

For our customers in the field of public and private hospitals and medical practices, we identify the searching candidates and look after them professionally until the vacancy is filled.

Hospitals as well as medical practices have confirmed to us that the situation in the healthcare system is becoming more and more difficult.

It happens more and more often that NO applications are received for various job vacancys, so that more and more specialist / physician and chief physician positions cannot be filled promptly.
Nowadays it is very important that these positions can be filled to avoid staff shortages.

With our work, we want to ensure that hospitals, medical practices and other healthcare organizastions have more time for what is important: the treatment and care of our patients.

We advise, accompany and relieve you of work and make sure that medical positions are filled quickly and efficiently with highly qualified staff.

We bring the right physicians & medical staff and clinics into contact and assist with the organization and administration of the application process and support from 1-10 with the emigration process.

Professional placement for doctors and nursing staff

Elite Swiss aims to find the best possible solution for the employee and employer in the healthcare sector and to reduce unnecessary hiring and vacancy costs.

With Elite Swiss Medical & Healthcare Recruiting Services, our clients can count on:

  • Thorough advice on site in order to assess the circumstances and offer the best possible solution
  • Large pool of candidates in a wide range of specialist areas
  • Comprehensive review of candidates
  • One of the highest search completion rates in the healthcare human resources industry
  • We want you to be completely satisfied with your placement and we offer our clients a 12 month guarantee.

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