A nanny is a domestic worker who takes care and upbringing of children within the family’s own four walls.
There are different variants of a nanny. A Live Out Nanny who comes at certain times and goes home or the Live In Nanny.
The difference is that a Live In Nanny lives with the family in the house and has her own room or small apartment close to the family. The special thing about a Live in Nanny is that room and board can be deducted from the salary.

Maternity nurses or a night nurses are also popular. They are specialize in infants and are here from day one after the mom gave birth.

A Rota Nanny is responsible for looking after the children 24/7. A Rota Nanny shares the position with at least one other Rota Nanny. The Rota Nanny’s schedule is set in advance. She usually works 24 hours a day for 2 weeks and then takes a break for the same amount of time she worked.

Norland/British nannies are particularly popular in England. These nannies are trained in childcare at Norland College.
They are trained to work in families, to prepare healthy and varied meals, and to take care of and educate the children.

Domestic Staff

A housekeeper is usually a female person who is employed in a household for the work that needs to be done in the house. Her duties include cleaning the house including wet rooms, making beds, doing laundry including ironing, shopping for groceries, preparing meals and light gardening.

Domestic Couples look after large and demanding private households. The area of ​​responsibility is cleaning and care of the facilities, wardrobe and laundry care, shopping and cooking, looking after pets, checking the house and security technology, chauffeur services, garden and pool maintenance.

A family manager is more than a nanny. In addition to looking after the children, she also do household chores. She is also responsible for doing laundry, tidying up and cleaning the house, shopping for groceries, preparing meals, control the children’s homework, driving services.

A butler is a male person who is employed in a private household. He manages the dining room, the wine cellar, and the storage room. His classic tasks are serving meals, organizing events, reception of guests, shopping, personnel management and accounting.

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