The origin of Elite Swiss

The current managing director is an HR specialist in the field of staffing recruitment and is enthusiastic about the Montessori philosophy. Since a place for her daughter at the Montessori school unfortunately meant long waiting times, she looked for a nanny with training in Montessori pedagogy instead. This search process was exhausting, but ultimately crowned with success!

Based on this experience and to save other parents a lengthy search process, she founded the agency Elite Swiss to place qualified nannies and domestic workers.

The passion

The owners of Elite Swiss know from their own experience what makes a perfect and trustworthy nanny. Knowing that your own child and the household are in safe and caring hands is a great relief for parents. With a lot of heart and passion, Elite Swiss support parents in their search for qualified domestic staff and nannies. Tailored to the individual needs of every family.

International networking

Elite Swiss has developed from a small family company to an international placement agency with more than many years of experience.
As proven experts in this field, the company now recruits qualified staff from all over the world for private households.
Thanks to the international network, Elite Swiss can quickly and easily access highly trained staff with impeccable references.
The own applicant network is continuously checked and expanded personally.

The quality

For Elite Swiss, the long-term and trusting relationship with clients is most important. This is intensively maintained even after the placement.

In contrast to the usual online portals, Elite Swiss meet all applicants personally. Only after a thorough review of the curriculum vitae, the criminal record and the references a pre-selection of candidate profiles to the client is presented.

At the same time, personal contact is established and the conditions and requirements profile are discussed on site with the client.

Based on the trust created in this way, Elite Swiss can recommend the people who will meet the client’s requirements with the highest level of security.

The proven and tested evaluation process, the exact selection process and many years of experience in staffing recruitment offer clients the highest level of security that the vacant position will be optimally filled.

In this way, the clients receive the caring nanny, the reliable domestic staff right away.

The visions

As a professional service provider with the highest quality standards, Elite Swiss is constantly developing and fulfilling the wishes of the international clients.

We meet every client, every family and every applicant personally!

From the first contact to the end of the collaboration, Elite Swiss attaches great importance to honest and personal support.

With commitment and passion, Elite Swiss works out an individual solution for every client and every challenge. There is no such thing as “impossible” for us!

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